Finance Assistant and Cashier - Bucuresti ENGLISH REQUIRED

Romania, Bucuresti, sector 1
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Finance Assistant and Cashier - Bucuresti ENGLISH REQUIRED
Romania, Bucuresti, sector 1,
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Starting date: ASAP
Duration: 5 month


Finance Assistant and

The finance assistant is in charge of the ACTED Iasi’s Safe and of all operations related to money. He / She is also responsible for the true and correct application of ACTED financial procedures, ensuring that ACTED financial transactions are undertaken in an accountable and transparent manner.


Under the authority of:

- Finance manager
- Area coordinator

Responsible for:
- All staff handling cash FUNCTIONAL RELATIONS

Internal relations:

- All acted staff

External relations:

- Bank and beneficiaries

- Respect and follow-up the ACTED’s financial procedures;
- Dealing with transfers and exchanges of money;
- Petty cash management
- Cash flow follow-up (PRATIC)
- Assist the internal auditor

Responsibilities :

General Responsibilities :
The Cashier is accountable for his safe, as a finance assistant too, he is responsible for all document related to cash transaction and general payments.

Key responsibilities :
a) Daily Basis:
i) Voucher & Cashbook: filling of voucher(s) & registration of voucher in either ACTED or BSS cashbooks;
ii) Payment: make payments for all items and services which have been approved by the area coordinator;
iii) Safe & Cashbook checking: at the end of each day, both ACTED and BSS cashbooks and safes should be checked and the balance should correspond;
iv) Money Exchange Dealing: whenever needed, change money for the cashbooks and register it in cashbook;
v) Money Transfer Dealing: registration and exchange of voucher reference between capital and base;

b) Monthly Basis :
i) At the end of each month: the balance in both BSS and ACTED cashbook as well as in both safes should be checked and the cash checking statement should be established and signed by the FA/cashier and his area coordinator;
ii) Cashbook & SAGA: BSS and ACTED cashbooks and SAGAs should be checked before closing the accounting month;
iii) Advances: ensure the clearance of all advances for the staff, before paying the salary;
iv) PRATIC/Cash Balance: on a monthly basis, checking the cash checking statement sent by the bases, with PRATIC.

Other Main Responsibilities
The FA/Cashier will oversee all cash transactions related to activities undertaken in the field as part of the ongoing project[s]. He / She will ensure that payments made at the field level are properly documented and will ensure that proper procedures are adopted by all staff. Primary activities in this case will be the payment of Cash-for-Work (CfW) wages at the end of each CfW project period.

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