Achizitii - Deschide o afacere fast food in reteaua

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Publicat pe 14/05/2022
Publicat de Batfry Fast Food Network
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27500 US$

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Deschide o afacere fast food in reteaua si obtine access la furnizori cu preturi mici pentru vita, pui, peste, porc, burgeri, etc. Franciza de la 27.500. Asistenta lansare, spatiu, finantare una sau mai multe locatii, promotii, detalii la telefon 0733209913 si trimite solicitarea la adresa de email de pe Barfry

Intra in reteaua Batfry si obtine acces la cele mai bune preturi de la furnizorii de care ai nevoie.

Enter the Batfry network and access great prices from the best available suppliers you need.

You don’t need any prior experience in owning your own business or operating a franchise business. Batfry understands that the majority of new franchise owners do not have prior experience owning their own business or restaurant. However, having a passion for business, people and amazing food is strongly recommended.

The initial franchisee fee is $27,500. You will pay ongoing royalties of 4% from your earnings and we ask that you spend 7% every month for local marketing.

Batfry does not finance, however, will work with you to locate a funding source, leasing company, investment funds, investors and/or third-party lenders.

Batfry initial training program consists of approximately two weeks of on-the-job and remote training at your location in your area. Your training program will include restaurant administration functions, operations, marketing concepts, customer service training, personnel training and other important aspects of running the day to day business of a Batfry Franchise.

After the franchise fee is paid, Batfry will work with you to locate a suitable location for your franchise. There are many factors that can affect the success of a franchised restaurant, including visibility, traffic, demographics, etc.

Batfry will help you identify a location within the guidelines, but ultimately, the decision is yours as to where to open.

In addition, the Batfry support team can be at your location for at least another 5 to 7 days to work directly with you and your initial staff to ensure that your opening goes smoothly and to provide any additional training. The support you receive is a compelling reason why Batfry is the best fast food franchise.

Batfry will assist you with all aspects of your grand opening and we will definitely be attending – another reason why Batfry is the best franchise.